Honey Comb Pudding, Nana's corner

Honeycomb Pudding

My mother wasn’t fond of desserts. She’d get into a flurry of baking and confectionary if preparing for guests or baking for charity.

Desserts for us were simple. Jelly with cream or ice cream. Ice cream with a crumbled Flake chocolate bar. Packet Apple Crumble which was actually quite delicious. And whipped jelly which was as weird and vile as it sounds.

She made Honeycomb Pudding a few times and I really loved it. When I would ask her to make it, she would say she had lost the recipe. Well, Mommy Dearest – you lied! There it is. In the book. In your own very distinct handwriting.

1 pint, full fat milk
4 ounces, castor sugar
3 eggs
½ ounce, gelatine
1 teaspoon, Vanilla essence

1. Dissolve gelatine in a little warm water
2. Separate the eggs
3. When the gelatine is dissolved, add the milk, sugar and beaten egg yolks
4. Place this mixture into a heavy saucepan and stir gently until the mixture thickens
5. Beat the egg whites until a stiff froth
6. Fold them into the other mixture
7. Place the combined mixture into a prepared mould
8. Leave until completely set
9. Serve in individual portions with whipped cream


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