Vegetarian and Vegan

After years of eating fish, flesh and fowl, the Teen in the Attic declared herself a Vegan. Not a vegetarian. The whole shebang of being vegan.

The first weekend was daunting. Everything I could think of cooking contained some form of dairy. The poor child was served a selection of roasted vegetables with some sweet potato chips. While she said it was tasty, to me it wasn’t a dinner. I knew I had to embrace this and rise to the challenge it presented.

I went on line to look at possible vegan recipes. I was introduced to all sorts of new concepts to replace meat and dairy products. Probably the one which surprised me most was the ‘flax egg’ which couldn’t be further from an ordinary egg. Many of the recipes were disappointing or the ingredients were unusual and expensive. I wanted to cook and begin to create food that was not only affordable but which didn’t taste like something was lacking.

I have a few old recipes for soups and Indian dishes which could easily be made vegan. Those are a hit. And then I stumbled across Indy Power and The Little Green Spoon ( This is a godsend! The vegan recipes are tasty, interesting and all things I have in my cupboard. Everything made from it has turned out perfectly. One thing, the Teen missed was chocolate. Indy’s cashew nut butter with a chocolate component was an instant hit.

What was scary at the outset is now fun! I love the challenge in turning out tasty vegan dishes full of flavour. The Teen in the Attic gives the thumbs up for each dish which is all the praise I need!


Here is a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes.